Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Join the NRA for $20 instead of $35.

Super deal!

Link is on the right side to call or click. Good video on the Mexican cartel/US gun control arguments.

Note the statements by US LAW ENFORCEMENT. The guys on the front lines. Not the statements by politicians far removed from the situation.

As if this is any surprise.

You can also click here to join for only $20.

This is newsworthy: the magazine you'll get with this is a digital edition. A PDF you can download, so if you have an ereader, like a Barnes and Noble nook, you can read it there as well.

Thread Drift:

Or if you prefer Amazon:

I have the 3g+WiFi version with the Cambridge cover from Barnes and Noble. I will post a link to that shortly. Its a nice leather cover with raised horizontal lines on the spin.

Link time:
There are a LOT of free ebooks out there, you can check them out from your library using Adobe Digital Editions, and Baen has a free library. If you use Calibre, then you an also download new sites automatically and convert various file types to your own ebook.

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