Friday, July 31, 2009

Sigh...bad quotes and media disinformation again

I know, we've heard it all before. And my prayers and best wishes go out to the officers injured in this:

But, on to the quotable quotes and disinformation:

"Pump-Action Automatic Shotgun Used Against Cops, 5 Wounded"

Well which was it? Pump or Auto? (I guess they mean SEMI-automatic) but you know the media. It's either a blunderbuss or a rotary cannon from an A-10.

"Jersey City looked more like a war zone early Thursday morning."

Wow, two people with small arms can make the whole town into a war zone. Either that's a really small town, or we need to send some of those weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan with our troops.

"It's a combat weapon. It's got a stock that's retractable. It had a strap on it where he had numerous shells on it. He was ready to battle," Jersey City Police Chief Thomas Comey said of Shakur.

And we always ask, how would a plain old pump shotgun be any different in lethality? If it was a pump? How did the stock make it more deadly? Was it really a combat weapon? Sooooo many types of firearms can and have been used in combat. But let's use that inflammatory language. It does sell papers and keep the website hits a' comin'.

"I don't know how many times a big city chief has to stand here and say we need help to stop these weapons from hitting the streets. This weapon is manufactured for no other reason than to hunt man," Comey said. "So we should stop being afraid of the NRA and start being afraid of our own rights."

Darn near 100% inflammatory rhetoric.

"Let's be afraid of our own rights"?

God help us if anyone ever really means that.