Saturday, January 5, 2013

True Gun Story

Ok, been meaning to put this one out there for a while.

You know how everyone says that if everyone had a concealed carry weapon that shootings would turn into some sort of wild west shootout?

Well, I was in a GUN SHOW in Shreveport, La. sometime in the 90's when a guy about 15-20 feet behind me got shot.

I was just perusing and then BANG!

Everyone just kind of stopped what they were doing and looked around.

I heard someone yelling 'You shot me you #%#$% SOB!'

Now, granted, this turned out to be an accidental discharge. Which is another lecture altogether, but nevertheless it was a shooting IN A GUN SHOW.

And it was the ONLY shot fired!

So in the highest possible gun density area, with all sorts of gun owners, sellers, and buyers, NOTHING MORE happened.

The guy was ok, it was a small caliber. The bullet lodged just under his skin on the bottom of his forearm and wasn't even bleeding that much.

Another moral: more weapon is better. Unless you don't mean to shoot someone, but that goes without saying.

Be safe, and don't believe all that crap that people imagine.